White Widow Auto

White Widow autoflowering is the cross of our best male Critical+ Autoflowering with the original White Widow clone.
We managed to reflect the bitter-sweet taste, as well as the lots of resin and the floral appearance of the original White Widow mother in this autoflowering.
The only remarkable difference is the higher CBD content, which leads to a more physical buzz than in the regular White Widow strain.

White Widow autoflowering leaves

  • Broad, dark green and covered with resin.
  • When you barely touch the leaves, it releases a deliciously captivating aroma.

White Widow autoflowering buds

  • Large, thick, hard, compact.
  • With few leaves and loaded with resin.
The sexual stability of the plants is extremely important, to avoid hermaphroditism, so we discarded the male and female plants that were not pure.
After two years of work, selecting only the best plants among thousands of seeds in each generation, we are now sure that this new line is stable, uniform and of greatest quality.
  • Yield: 40 to 160 gr
  • Hight: 50 to 110 cm
  • Speed of flowering: 75 days

Sold out.

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