Triangle Kush Haze

Genetics: Triangle Kush x SSSDH 
  • 5 Female Seeds 
  • Flowering: 9-10 Weeks 
  • Yield: Medium-High

    I’ve taken the legendary Triangle Kush one of our favourites Indica and bitch slapped it with my best Sativa the Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze. The delicious mix of that earthy kush flavour mixed in with that lime/church funk will have your taste buds going into overdrive. Potency is a 10 so watch out lightweights, certain phenos will hit hard like mike tyson while other phenos will have you dancing around like prince naseem. Yields rock hard nugs giving it a great yield with a nice flowering time of 9-10 weeks. A new favourite in the Connoisseur camp. 
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