Skunk Classic

An interesting and highly potent flashback to the original Skunk plants and their forebears, to a time when the Sativa elements of the famous hybrid were more pronounced. 
The original Skunks were bred from Afghani, Mexican and Columbian cannabis. As true-breeding seed strains and later hybrids were developed, Afghani genes became the dominant influence in most Skunk varieties. 
Skunk Classic gives growers a taste of the old-school by back-crossing Skunk #1 with a high-pedigree Columbian mother. The result is a heavy, pungent plant that produces long, solid, buds bursting with resin. 
Her effect is high and happy.

  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • High Plant 
  • Short Flowering Period (50 - 65 Days)
  • Large Yield
  • 35% Sativa / 65 Indica

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