Moby Dick Auto

Moby Dick autoflowering has been created using the two most resinous lines of our mother plants, the Haze and White Widow autoflowering.
Dinafem's most productive genetics, measured as grams per THC, already has an autoflowering sister, theMoby Dick autoflowering.
Powerful effect, resin and production are the hallmark of the Moby Dick autoflowering.
  • It reflects the taste and resin of the original mother.
  • The plant is large, with dense branching and full of flowers completely covered with resin.
  • It tolerates high EC levels when blooming.
  • It produces spectacular fat and resinous buds.
  • Smells like wood and pine with hints of sweet indica
  • Yield: 40 to 180 grams
  • Height: 70 to 130 cm
  • Flowering time: 75 days

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