Jean Guy

Unknown Genetics
60% Sativa 40% Indica
Flowering Time - 10 weeks

This Sativa dominant marijuana strain from HOTGG first emerged in Quebec, Canada after making waves at the Montreal Compassion Club - a cannabis dispensary for medical patients.

When HOTGG cultivated this strain of marijuana in a legal territory, the plants grew very quickly, sprouting numerous side branches with thick, heavy colas.  Jean Guy has a very distinctive bouquet reminiscent of citrus with hints of old skool Skunk.  

In territories where marijuana is legal as a medicine, Jean Guy has proved to be incredibly effective in relieving the symptoms of chronic pain.  Fibromyalgia patients and cancer patients have found this variety to be particularly effective.  However, patients prone to anxiety should exercise caution with Jean Guy as this particular strain of marijuana has a very high THC content (typically 25%).  The high THC content gives Jean Guy soaring, euphoric effects that energize and uplift the user - a perfect daytime cannabis strain.

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