Green House Thai

Green House Thai is a very special strain that has been a personal favourite of Arjan for many years and has only just been made available to the public for 2010. It is one of the rare strains with Thai genetics which is hermaphrodite free. Green House Thai is a very tall plant with extremely long internodal length that does well either outdoors in a mediterranean or tropical climate or indeed indoors where it is made for SCROG set-ups. Green House recommend a 12 / 12 light / dark scheme indoors from the off.

Green House Thai has a pronounced woody flavour, which is quite complex, and a powerful yet smooth introspective high. It is a big producer - up to 800g per plant.

Green House Thai specifics:

  • Cannabis genetics: Thai x Laos
  • Type: Pure sativa
  • Flowering: 13 - 15 weeks

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