Gender: Feminized
Genes: Sativa/Indica
Genetics: Grapefruit autoflowering
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: XL 
Height US: up to 35 inches 
Height EU: 60-90 cm 
THC: High 
CBD: Low 
Autoflowering: Yes


Who doesn’t love Grapefruit?  We loved it enough to make a strain out of it.  Grapefruit is autoflowering and feminine, a very productive and powerful hybrid.  We’ve developed an autoflowering version of a Vancouver Sour Citrus that is a result of a fast growing strain with great potential.


Sweet with a bitter aftertaste.


Within seconds, it produces a well-balanced high.  The significant calming impact on the body is to die for.  The buzz will have you remembering what harmony means once again.  Its effect is from the balance between the Sativa’s swiftness and Indica’s couchlock, and bathed with pure grapefruit savour.


This plant performs very functionally when grown indoors as well as outdoors, however it is best suited for small spaces like a cabinet or a dresser.  As a result, it can yield up to 600 grams per m2 (1.3 pounds of light).  In the past, outdoor yields have been known to produce approx. 300 grams per plant (10 oz).  Lovers of citrus will experience a smell to remember.  They´ll love its suave lemon, orange tang, and bitter grapefruit aromas that will exhibit odors that huge the nose throughout the growing process.  Time to throw out all of your air fresheners!

The plant grows quite rapidly from germination to harvest, lasting a scant eight and a half weeks.  Plus, it doesn´t require extensive special care; a little natural fertilizer and good amount of light.  It is a relatively small plant (not exceeding 90 cm or 35 inches), but can easily fill up an entire room with its odor.  So, if your neighbors are allergic to grapefruit, be a good neighbor and install odor filters!  Despite its short size, it must not be underestimated.  It is known for building up thick main stems, with secondary lateral branches covered with buds that are compact and resinous.  Its potent, aromatic buds display mesmerizing orange and yellow colors.  

It has a high percentage of cannabinoids:  roughly 19% THC and 1% CBD.  Prepare yourself for some intense mind and body action!

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