Girl Scout Haze Cookies

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies X SSSDH

Connoisseur Genetics is a UK seedbank that delivers some real homegrown specialities focusing on strains that have long lasting intense highs, this really is a true seedbank for the connoisseur. All these strains are female and produce only female plants.

Here they describe the Girl Scout Haze Cookies in their own words :

"For this we took the latest flavour of the month the Girl Scout Cookies with hard rock nugs with that kushey flav and have dusted her with my best haze the sssdh(cup winning cut).For flavour you will have some heavy dominant cookie flavours with a nice dusting of lemon/pine from the sssdh. Potency is a real up racy one, so not for smoking if you&rsquore watching TV, but amazing for busting a move out on the dance floorsports activityany motivational work"

Flowering : 9-10 weeks

  • Yield : Medium/High

    Sold out.

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