Blue Strawberries

Yield: High
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks


We took our time matching our legendary Strawberry diesel to the right blueberry, it had to intertwine and enhance without altering or overriding the essential grace the vibration of our strd mother... lots had their chance but swayed her too much and without focus on your goals it could a been easy to marry her off and say goodbye, a year of living with a fantastic blue dream who's conscious nature lingers like sunset and tastes like blueberry bubble-gum has ensured such a gem,.

She's like sunrise on the tongue every hit saturates those blue orange pink and magenta arrays as they flood the pallet it's the sweetest strain we ever produced with terpeenes this fine its a true isolate champion...exceptionally easy to grow and maintain too she's a pleasure to work with strawberries blueberries and bubble-gum flavour... Another outstanding strain created by the gurus from the house of Holy smoke seeds.

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