Auto Cheese

Auto Cheese Autoflowering cannabis seeds by Original Big Buddha Family Farms is the ultimate Auto-flowering strain bringing that cheesy funk now available in autos from Original Big Buddha Family Farms.

The Auto Cheese is in it's 7th generation as an Autoflowering variety, which has enabled Big Buddha / Original Big Buddha Family Farms to dial in the Auto Cheese fully. Auto Cheese will reach commendable heights with growth, as can be expected from a decent auto-flowering variety; however, crucially, she expresses that signature, old-school flavour of the Original Big Buddha Cheese.

That old-school skunky taste is ideally suited to those who need great flavour from a leading strain full of powerful, instantly recognisable terps. The Auto Cheese recreates the old-school, skunky Cheese flavour profile pricked with hints of fresh spices & cloves ensuring a deep dank flavour profile that is sure to entice your palate. Balance these wicked terps with the uplifting, punch high that feels instantly gratifying and you've got a winning easy to cultivate variety! 

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