House Of The Great Gardener

House Of The Great Gardener

The House Of The Great Gardener (HOTGG) began life in 2002 when medical marijuana advocate, Mat Beren, started working with Compassion Clubs and medical cannabis dispensaries in his native Canada.

Mat was producing medical marijuana for around 600 patients at the Vancouver Island Compassion Society (VICS) when Canadian authorities charged him with cultivation and trafficking.  A lengthy legal battle ensued, and Mat was essentially exonerated in 2009 when a judge gave him an absolute discharge.
Ever since that historic constitutional verdict, Mat has concentrated all his energy on producing the very best medicinal cannabis, tailored to the needs of the patient.  

After many months and years of selecting the best genetics and choosing the perfect phenotypes to develop as mother plants, Mat's seedbank, The House of the Great Gardener was launched in 2011.

HOTGG has since created many celebrated (and award-winning) new lines of cannabis and they continue to innovate and develop varieties of marijuana by experimenting with genetics.

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